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Samsung Throws Down the Gauntlet with Its New iPhone-Bashing Ad Not too long ago, Samsung faced a big loss against Apple in court, and now, it’s just sat through the announcement of the new iPhone, which sold out its preorders in a matter of hours. What’s a rival manufacturer to do? That’s easy; if you’re Samsung, you attack.

Samsung has crafted a pretty aggressive ad comparing Apple’s flagship iPhone 5 to its own Galaxy S III. You can guess who comes out on top. While the lion’s share of the ad’s criticisms are fair—the S III does have NFC while the iPhone 5 doesn’t, and the same goes for removable battery and microSD storage—the bit referring to Apple’s new connector comes off as a bit snide. But you didn’t expect this to be civil, did you?

Adorned with the clever (admit it, it’s clever) tagline “It doesn’t take a genius,” the ad is due to roll out a bunch of newspapers tomorrow, where it will doubtlessly reach the sort of people who still read newspapers. Clearly Samsung isn’t about to take anything lying down, and who could blame them? The question is, will it work? [CNET]

Samsung Throws Down the Gauntlet with Its New iPhone-Bashing Ad

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The Marketing Strategy This Energy Drink Used To Take On Red Bull And Become A Billion Dollar Brand

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-marketing-strategy-this-energy-drink-used-to-take-on-red-bull-and-become-a-billion-dollar-brand-2012-2


The energy drink world has long been dominated by Red Bull, with Monster forever lingering in second place.

But there’s another caffeine-packed beverage that’s rising to the top tier: Rockstar.

BevNET reports that Rockstar has reached the $1 billion annual threshold for the the first time this year, and skyrocketed up 18 percent from last year in terms of dollar sales.

Now, it’s third in its category — behind Red Bull and Monster — and it doesn’t advertise nationally.

So, what’s Rockstar’s secret?

Here’s what Rockstar attributes much of its success to:

“Its brand has clearly resonated with consumers, partly due to the product itself, and partly due to its image: a sturdy black can with gold and red lettering, gold star icon and provocative slogan (Party like a ROCKSTAR!), not to mention a brand name suggestive of celebrity, high energy and sex appeal.”

It’s all about how consumers perceive themselves when they’re drinking it, not the taste of the drink. Even the function of the drink (that energy boost factor) usually outweighs the taste in this beverage category.

Just because they don’t put up big TV spots doesn’t mean Rockstar doesn’t promote itself — the brand spends more than double the industry average on promotion. But it does it at a much more granular, targeted level than big beverage corporations.

It comes down to strong and consistent branding. Everything about Rockstar fits together — scantily-clad women, the promise of an celebrity lifestyle and fast-paced excitement. That’s what the core demographics of energy drink consumers (teens, college kids, and young adults) want.

Its brand keeps itself different from industry leader Red Bull as well. Red Bull focuses everything around its “Red Bull gives you wings” tagline, which you see often in big TV spots. It primarily sponsors sports like snowboarding, freestyle motocross and air racing to drive its message home.

Rockstar is also prevalent in the extreme sports world, but it’s also heavily into entertainment, piling on that idea of a rockstar lifestyle. Its empowering, aspirational tone is stronger than the other brands, promising to help you achieve that lifestyle.

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This Retailer Is Doing So Well It’s Opening Hundreds Of New Stores For The Third Straight Year

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/dollar-general-retail-expansion-2012-1

dollar general

Dollar stores are booming in a struggling economy, and one of the big boys of the industry is doing so well it’s planning another period of explosive growth, reports Gail Hoffer and Drug Store News.

It will open 625 stores and hire around 6,000 employees over the course of 2012. The discount chain already has about 9,800 stores spread across 38 states, and some of the new stores will be in previously unoccupied states California and Massachusetts.

Dollar General has adopted an aggressive growth strategy since the start of the recession. This marks the third straight year it has opened hundreds of new locations, and the chain has created more than 21,000 jobs since 2009.

It’s not all about the economy though. Dollar General had to be smart in its expansion strategy too — after all, Walmart is its biggest competitor, and the world’s largest retailer has had similar success recently.

It thrives on hitting markets that Walmart hasn’t taken over, such as small towns that can’t support one of Walmart’s massive big box stores. It also competes with the other big dollar store chains, like Family Dollar. The hybrid concept — somewhere between a giant discounter and a small dollar store — has worked admirably.

Plus, while dollar store marketing plays a significant role in getting people through its doors, Dollar General is actually also a clear leader in price over both Walmart and its dollar store compatriots.

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