The Top Endorsement Earners In Each Sport


Yesterday, we compared the total career earnings of LeBron James and Alex Rodriguez, including salaries and endorsements. In 2010, those two athletes were the most compensated athletes among the major team sports in North America. But how do they compare to the highest-paid athletes in other sports?

As we can see below, despite his troubles in 2010, Tiger Woods was far-and-away the highest paid athlete of the past year. Of his $90.5 million in earnings, $70.0 million came from endorsements. That is down $22.0 million from 2009 and figures to drop even further in 2011.

LeBron James had the second-highest endorsement earnings in 2010 ($30.0 million).

Floyd Mayweather Jr. led the way with the $60.0 million in salary/winnings, but only took in $250K in endorsements. Alex Rodriguez was second with a $33.0 million salary, but fell behind several of the other athletes with just $4.0 million in endorsements.

The NHL had lowest top-earner of the group. Sidney Crosby salary of $9.0 million and endorsements of approximately $2.2 million has him well off the pace of the other athletes.

Highest Paid Athletes

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