drag2share: Prominent Law Site Shuts Down Because Editor Worries About Government Reading Her Emails

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/rLaeY-BUcbU/groklaw-shuts-down-2013-8


The editor of a well-respected legal site, Groklaw, has announced that she’s going to stop producing the site because the government might be reading her emails.

Groklaw is a collaborative site that explores the nuances of certain cases and legal decisions, including the recent Apple v. Samsung case.

The editor of the site, Pamela Jones, says she can’t operate the site without email.

And the idea that faceless government spooks might be reading any email that she sends outside the U.S. is too much for her:

[T]he conclusion I’ve reached is that there is no way to continue doing Groklaw, not long term, which is incredibly sad. But it’s good to be realistic. And the simple truth is, no matter how good the motives might be for collecting and screening everything we say to one another, and no matter how “clean” we all are ourselves from the standpont of the screeners, I don’t know how to function in such an atmosphere. I don’t know how to do Groklaw like this.

Jones isn’t just worried about being wrongly accused of crimes. For her, there’s the ickiness factor of having her personal privacy violated–a feeling that she says is similar to the feeling she had when her apartment in New York was robbed and the burglar went through all of her underwear. (She threw the underwear away, unused, and moved to a different apartment).

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Amazon List Prices are Crazy Out of Whack

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5888981/amazon-marks-up-a-products-price-like-crazy-to-give-you-fake-savings

Amazon Product Prices Get Marked Up Like Crazy to Give You Fake SavingsIt’s scary how much I trust Amazon. I don’t even question anything—just click, buy and get 2-day shipped for everything. Underwear? Yep. Electronics? Sure. Tweezers? Why the hell not. But what if all those savings you’re supposed to be getting on Amazon were fake? What if Amazon ridiculously marks up a product’s list price by 1000%? Because that’s what Amazon is doing.

Geez Amazon, have some self respect! Do you think we’re all fools? Who would believe a box of spaghetti was once listed at $55.10 when you’re actually selling it for $1.85 in real life? OH MY GOD SO MUCH SAVINGS. Seriously, there’s no need to inflate the list price by THIS much. We know retailers mark up stuff all the time to make you think you’re saving more than you actually are but the lengths that Amazon and its third party sellers goes is truly unbelievable. For example:

  • Rice a Roni Beef costs $1.48. Amazon’s list price? $141.75
  • Splenda with Fiber costs $4.39. Amazon’s list price? $553
  • Six pack of Quaker Oats Old Fashioned Oats costs $20. Amazon’s list price? $211.74
  • If you don’t believe it, just poke around Amazon’s Grocery and Gourmet Food section yourself. The ridiculous list prices are everywhere and in some cases even worse, with nearly $750 worth of “savings” on Mac and Cheese. Basically, if you’re ever doing your shopping there, ignore the list price and potential savings. The list prices are an obvious screwup on Amazon’s system (misplaced decimal? bad formula?) and the potential savings are fake. Invisible. Make believe.

    Of course, this won’t stop me from shopping at Amazon. It might not even be Amazon’s fault, as most of these product list prices are sold by other companies that aren’t Amazon through Amazon. But it’s clear that Amazon needs to filter it better or just do something better. Until then, even Amazon can’t be completely trusted. [Mouse Print via MSNBC]

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Motorola Droid Can Detect Bra Size (fake viral video)

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5513184/motorola-droid-can-detect-bra-size

Motorola Droid Can Detect Bra SizeNot to mention tase people, and translate doggy-speak. According to some uncovered attempts by Motorola at viral videos, that is. Seven videos show what happens when you put secret unlock codes into your Droid. Check the best out below.

How to detect underwear size:

How to turn your Droid into a taser:

How to translate dogs:

So, hands up who tried entering code 9644779 just now? [DROIDshortcuts via AndroidGuys via AndroidAndMe]

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