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A Shimmering, Tweet-Based Langauge Map of NYC


A Shimmering, Tweet-Based Langauge Map of NYCIf you’ve ever wondered which languages are spoken where in NYC, here’s the map for you. This visualization shows exactly which languages are used in tweets across the city.

Put together by James Cheshire, Ed Manley and Oliver O’Brien from University College London, the map builds on 8.5 million tweets, captured between January 2010 and February 2013, which were all analyzed for language content. As you’d expect, it’s quite the melting pot, and the highest concentration of different languages seems to be around the Theatre District and Times Square. Best put that down to tourists, eh? Check out the full, interactive map here.[UCL via Guardian]

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Researchers develop silicon ReRAM chip, send warning shot to Flash memory


Researchers develop silicon ReRAM chip, send warning shot to Flash memory

Does the word ReRAM ring a bell? No? Well, the key point is that it’s much faster than NAND memory, and it’s making its way into chips from Elpida, Sharp and Panasonic. Further proof that ReRAM is on the up and up? Researchers at University College London have used this technology to make a chip that operates at 100 times the speed of standard Flash memory. The device is composed completely of silicon oxide, which improves the chip’s resistance, and it doesn’t require a vacuum to work (which makes it cheaper to produce). But this new chip is more than just a faster alternative to Flash; its ability to move between different states of conductivity means it can be configured as a memristor, or a device that handles both data-processing and storage tasks. In the long term, researchers hope this technology can pave the way for silicon oxide CPUs — and UCL is already using this design to help develop transparent memory chips for mobile devices. Need to know more? Feast your heart on the gritty details via the link below.

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This Map Reveals The Trick Behind IKEA’s Store Layout


Grocery stores all use some simple tricks to disorient and delay customers, but IKEA takes the so-called Gruen Transfer to another level.

A lecture on the subject by Alan Penn, professor of architectural computing at University College London, has gotten a lot of buzz this year (via Good and WSJ).

Penn found that IKEA customers, following the signature yellow path, walk through the entire warehouse store. They get lost, encounter products they weren’t looking for and spend enough time shopping that they feel justified making impulse purchases.

Here’s a customer heatmap from Penn’s presentation, followed by the video.


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