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Facebook Ads See Better Results in Q2


Kenshoo-Facebook-Ad-Performance-Trends-in-Q2-Aug2013Facebook users are engaging more with advertising on the social networking platform, with increases in clicks and conversions leading to higher revenues for advertisers during the second quarter of the year, reports Kenshoo Social in a new study. Click-through rates were up by 18.5% quarter-over-quarter, leading to a 15.9% drop in average cost-per-click and a 16.4% rise in clicks. Perhaps those complaints about Facebook ads interfering with the user experience aren’t amounting to much.

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drag2share: Facebook Notches Double-Digit Revenue Growth – Average Revenue Per User


We also believe improved ad targeting features attracted more advertisers to the platform.

Facebook boosted its ad business this year by allowing all advertisers to target with offline and third-party data sources, including Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon. This meant brands could target Facebook users who have previously purchased their product or shown an interest in similar products either in-store or on the Web (mobile and desktop).

This information is retrieved by matching user information on Facebook with e-mail addresses and phone numbers stored in loyalty program databases.

Facebook is bolstering its presence in emerging markets through efforts such as Facebook For Every Phone — an app on feature phones that delivers a pared-down user experience — which is now used by more than 100 million people each month.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

BII Facebook ARPU

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drag2share: One-Fourth Of Facebook Users Feel That Ads Spoil Their Experience On The Site


BII Facebook MAUs[STUDY] Facebook Ads Interfere With User Experience (ACSI)
Thanks to its growing ad business, Facebook posted stellar quarterly financials yesterday, but some users are saying that those ads are ruining the user experience on the site. According to a study conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), 27% of Facebook users said ads interfere with their experience on the site For comparison, 23% of LinkedIn users and 12% of Twitter users said ads interfere with their experience on those sites. Read >

Facebook Releases Second Quarter Earning

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Here’s The Information Facebook Gathers On You As You Browse The Web


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Facebook stirred up privacy concerns when it came out that its “Like” and “Share” buttons appearing all over the web actually report your visits back to Facebook servers.

Now Facebook engineering director Arturo Bejar has shared what personal information the company retains with its tracking cookies, as reported by USA Today.

When you’re logged in, Facebook will keep a timestamped list of the URLs you visit and pair it with your name, list of friends, Facebook preferences, email address, IP address, screen resolution, operating system, and browser.

When you’re logged out, it captures everything except your name, list of friends, and Facebook preferences. Instead, it uses a unique alphanumeric identifier to track you.

Keep in mind that Facebook isn’t tracking your entire browsing history, just your visits to sites with “Like” and “Share” buttons.

Bejar told USA Today that Facebook technically could link your name to your logged-out browsing data, but he “makes it a point not to do this.”

Why does Facebook gather all this info and what do they do with it? By keeping so many details, it makes it easier to identify fake accounts and scammers. By keeping track of what users “Like” around the web, Facebook can show people ads that will be the most interesting to them and generate more revenue.

Despite Facebook having the best intentions — wanting to maintain a high quality user experience and generate ad revenue — you can see why privacy experts are concerned.

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