Blu Ray Already Declining

People learned to spell Blu Ray correctly (without the “e”) but this media format is already in decline, being replaced by video streaming through services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc.
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A Guide To Everything Google Has Been Asked To Censor


A Guide To Everything Google Has Been Asked To Censor

The internet is all about the free flow of ideas, right? Collaboration! Discourse! Sharing! The day to day reality of what we do online may not always be quite so idealistic and ideologically motivated, but the open underpinnings are there. Except, of course, when they’re not at all. This visualization, published by Sebastian Sadowski, uses Google’s transparency data to visualize all the things the company has been asked to censor.

The governments of many countries routinely ask Google to suppress content across sites like Google Search and YouTube. Reasons range from national security, to suicide promotion, and government criticism. There are also categories for “other” and “reason unspecified.” It’s interesting to see which countries are better or worse than you thought they would be. And check out that little chunk of mint green “reason unspecified” censorship on the U.S. chart. You can get the gist below, but because of the interactivity you really have to explore on to see what’s going on. Even though Google’s data are openly available, a chart like this allows you to take everything in quickly because someone did the processing work for you. So no excuses. [Digg]

A Guide To Everything Google Has Been Asked To Censor

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Kickstarter Inspired American Express To Launch A New Program That Gives Away Money


american express passion projects

In a bid to capture the “make your dreams a reality” zeitgeist of Kickstarter, American Express launched a new venture Monday that gives average people funding for their hobbies. It goes by the Twitter-friendly name: #PassionProject. Hashtag included.

For the next six months, AmEx will give 10 people $2,000 to give their side projects wings.

AmEx VP of public affairs Elizabeth Crosta said that the idea was fueled by the nagging question of how people define success. Crosta noted that after conducting its LifeTwist study, AmEx found that 75% of Americans believe “passion projects and the idea of pursuing one’s passion is necessary to help live that fulfilled life.”

But there was another motivator as well.

“What inspired it is that we love Kickstarter,” Crosta told Business Insider. Almost everyone has a friend who’s done one. “But that mechanism would be quite a challenge for us to do.”

This is not a Kickstarter equivalent. There’s no crowdfunding element or a micro-site.

Rather, #PassionProject will live in already-existing social platforms, namely YouTube and Tumblr.

Thus far, AmEx posted videos from charity:water founder Scott Harrison and “Working Class Foodies” creator Rebecca Lando on its YouTube channel explaining how they gained success from their side projects.

But right below the how-to videos — which will be updated regularly — consumers can send a message explaining what their passion project is and why it’s important. In 120 characters or less. (It isn’t 140 because the #PassionProject tag is put on the end.)

“When you hit submit, it offers three sharing buttons,” Crosta said.

The Tumblr component will launch in a few weeks and will feature bloggers explaining how Ameri! can Expr ess can help consumers pursue their passion projects.

“If your passion is to take kids on an American road trip for the summer, one thing we could offer is Starwood [hotel] points,” Crosta explained.

AmEx worked with Digitas on the YouTube experience. Ogilvy is helming the Tumblr component.


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Google Hangouts On Air updated with live broadcast rewinding and instant YouTube uploads



Did helping granny set up that Netflix account cause you to be late to your friend’s big On Air Hangout? What would’ve been a calamity last week is but a minor hitch now. Earlier today, Google updated its live video streaming service with a new set of “highly requested” features. In addition to restarting a broadcast at will, recordings are now available on YouTube immediately after an On Air Hangout ends. As for you hams, video quality has been improved for mobile devices, so you’ll look your absolute best no matter which screen your adoring public is watching you from. As a caveat, Google notes that you may experience some delays when setting up a broadcast, but it feels like a small price to pay given the upsides


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YouTube Offers Millions Of Dollars In Ad Discounts To Attract New Advertisers


vw beetle skip youtube

The minimum bid for a YouTube advertising package dropped from more than $10 million to just $1 million in an attempt to ad steal dollars from television budgets, AdAge reports.

Ads on YouTube, those sponsored clips that play before you get to watch most videos, have typically posed huge up-front costs to advertisers vying for the space.

While advertisers used to spend eight-figures on Original Channel advertising packages for specific genres — Ad Age notes that one music package for space before high-profile music videos sold for $62 million — they now only have to shell out a fraction of the price.

“Last year we were rigid,” YouTube sales chief Lucas Watson said. “We got a few big advertisers with huge checks.” Now, he says, YouTube is breaking ad packages down into “more manageable chunks.”

This will open the ad medium to a wider variety of advertisers. Companies that have previously advertised only on TV might soon expand to YouTube


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PSYs New Video is DETESTABLE and its views are FAKE

This is Google Trends search volume on YouTube video …  since virtually no one searched for it …  it is very unlikely those 150 million views are real.
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You can buy 1,000 YouTube views for $5 — see below.

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YouTube counts more than a billion unique users each month


YouTube counts more than a billion unique users each month

What’s ten times more popular than the Super Bowl? YouTube, apparently. According to the YouTube blog, more than a billion folks visit the streaming site every month — and not just views, but unique users. The announcement didn’t touch on specifics, but it did provide some fun numbers to put the terrifyingly huge total into context, noting that it would take ten Super Bowl audiences to match its monthly viewership. Almost half of all internet users visit YouTube each month, the team writes, and the numbers would peg the site as the third largest country in the world if traffic numbers could be given statehood. Suddenly, PSY’s billion view milestone makes a bit more sense.

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Yahoo Is In Talks To Buy A Big Stake In Video Site Dailymotion (YHOO)


marissa mayer makers interview

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer could be on the cusp of her first big acquisition-like move.

The Wall Street Journal reports Yahoo is in talks to buy 75 percent of Dailymotion, a YouTube-esque video service that’s popular in Europe.

Dailymotion is owned by a French Telecom. It’s sort of a mess of different videos. Some are user generated, some are professional.

Yahoo would buy the stake at $300 million valuation with an option to buy the remaining 25 percent later, says the Journal.

Yahoo’s HR leader Jackie Rees told employees recently Yahoo was working on two large acquisitions. A lot of names have been floated around since then.

We’re not sure how Dailymotion fits Mayer’s vision for Yahoo. It’s never struck us as a great technology or media property. And, it’s not a big mobile property as far as we can tell.

However, the Journal says it had 116 million unique visitors in January, making it the twelfth biggest site in the world. It’s also popular outside of the U.S., which could be valuable to Yahoo since it’s largely a U.S. based business.

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Facebook Video: Native Uploads Get More Reach Than YouTube Links


While brands seem to prefer sharing links to their videos from YouTube to uploading them directly onto Facebook, they may want to rethink that inclination, according to new data from Socialbakers. The company analyzed video shared by brands between December 4, 2012 and March 3, 2013, finding that Facebook videos edged YouTube links in organic […]

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YouTube partners with vendors for paid translation service


YouTube partners with vendors for paid translation services to 36 languages

Last year, Google began offering a “request translation” option for YouTube, letting you or others muddle your way through video caption creation. If you don’t want to leave it up to strangers or the vagaries of machine translation, Mountain View’s now offering paid, professional services through two outfits, Gengo and, in 36 languages. Once you’ve created your video and added a caption track, you’ll be able to see an estimated price and create an order, after which your vendor of choice will send the translation directly to YouTube. Once approved, it’ll be live on the site, ensuring no misunderstandings of your latest opus.

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