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More Small Biz Owners Say They Find LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Effective


Small business owners are increasingly finding social media platforms other than Facebook to be effective marketing vehicles for their organizations, per results from a new Constant Contact survey. Among the 8 in 10 respondents surveyed in December 2012 using social media for marketing (a notably higher proportion than other surveys such as this one have […]

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2 in 3 Global Execs Say Use of Social Tech Increases Marketing Effectiveness


83% of executives from around the world surveyed in 2012 reported using at least one social technology, up from 72% in 2011, per results [pdf] from a new McKinsey survey. Of those, 9 in 10 reported some measurable business benefit with employees, customers, and business partners. 65% said their use of social tech increases marketing […]

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Local Biz Searchers Using Mobile or Tablet More Likely to Purchase Than PC/Laptop Users


Almost 86 million people use their mobile phones to seek local business information in the US, according to results from the Neustar Localeze and 15miles Sixth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study [pdf]. The study highlights the growing importance of mobile devices to search, with the total number of visitors to search navigation sites conducted […]

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Radio Ad Revenue Growth Forecast Downgraded


Radio revenues will continue to shift in the next 5 years, as income from online advertising grows by about 10.8% annually versus 2.5% growth for over-the-air (OTA) revenues, forecasts BIA/Kelsey in a new report. Nevertheless, OTA revenues will continue to account for the vast majority (~95%) of radio revenues in 2017, when total revenues are […]

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drag2share: You Didn


social flow

YouTube rewards this kind of behavior. People who post videos make up to

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Street View Hits Mars With This 4-Gigapixel Panoramic


Street View Hits Mars With This 4-Gigapixel Panoramic There’s been no shortage of Mars pictures since Curiosity landed. We’ve got Martian mountains, rover selfies, the works. But thanks to a little image stitching by a clever dude back here on Earth, now we have Mars Street View, kind of.

Photographer Andrew Bodrov took a whopping 407 of the pictures Curiosity took with its narrow and medium cameras and hooked them together to make a four gigapixel, 360 Mars-globe, the likes of which you’d expect from a Martian Street View UFO.

What’s even wilder is that the seemingly seamless scene wasn’t actually taken all at once or even close to it; the pictures that make it up were taken over a series 13, monotonus Martian days, which are just about a half hour longer than our own. If you thought you wanted to go to Mars, maybe this will help you cool your jets a bit. Ain’t much more to see in person. [Andrew Bodrov via PetaPixel]

Mars Gigapixel Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar days 136-149 in The World

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Tidemark rolls out infographics that map a company’s profits in microscopic detail, in real time.

It’s only been a few months since Tidemark, a bold Andreessen Horowitz-backed business analytics platform, emerged from its beta cocoon. But today, the fledgling company is introducing a new set of…

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Article: CHART OF THE DAY: How People Use Facebook On Smartphones


IDC conducted a survey in conjunction with Facebook to find out how people are using smartphones. It surveyed 4,446 people aged 18-44 who use iPhones or Android-based phones. In this chart you can see how people are using Facebook on smartphones.

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FBI Pushing Hard for Realtime Email, Gchat, Skype, and Dropbox Spying Powers


FBI Pushing Hard for Realtime Email, Gchat, Skype, and Dropbox Spying PowersThe FBI wants more power. That’s not any particular kind of surprising, since the FBI always wants more power, but this push is notable for what’s it’s after: real time spy privileges for your online communication.

Right now, government agencies can force ISPs and phone companies to install surveillance gear in their networks thanks to a law passsed in 1994 called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. But that doesn’t include access to email, cloud services, or chat programs, and because of how some services like Google Talk are set up, many can’t be accessed network-side anyway. FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann said in a talk to the American Bar Association last week that the intelligence community has made getting the power to monitor those types of services in real time a “top priority this year.”

For now, the FBI can only access archives of your email and transcripts, per the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. But as Slate points out, that’s not the only empowerment the FBI already has here:

Authorities can use a “Title III” order under the “Wiretap Act” to ask email and online chat providers furnish the government with “technical assistance necessary to accomplish the interception.” However, the FBI claims this is not sufficient because mandating that providers help with “technical assistance” is not the same thing as forcing them to “effectuate” a wiretap.

You can see both sides of this thing. On one hand, yes, our authorities absolutely need the tools and lateral ability to work with the way people communicate now. Other hand, man, that’s a lot of power to cede, especially if it ends up being regulated more loosely than traditional wiretaps, which are already questionable. [Slate]

Image by Tischenko Irina/Shutterstock

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Pinterest, Foursquare, and Groupon Have Peaked

In response to @hollisthomases article on Inc.

That’s So 2012: Have Pinterest, Foursquare and Groupon Peaked?

 YES. I think so. 










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