OTT Streaming Devices Overtake Tablets in Digital Video Ad Views


FreeWheel-Share-Digital-Video-Ad-Views-by-Device-Q42014-v-Q42013-Feb2015Tablets are popular devices for video viewing and have been for some time, but OTT streaming devices such as Apple TV and Chromecast have moved ahead in digital video monetizatio! n, revea ls FreeWheel in its Q4 2014 Video Monetization Report [download page]. During the quarter, OTT devices accounted for 8% of ad views for professional, rights-managed video content, up from just 2% during the year-earlier period and moving ahead of tablets (7% share) in the process.

Not too surprisingly, viewing on OTT devices tends to mirror TV viewing habits, with 91% of video ad views on the devices coming during long-form and live content. That speaks to the ongoing relevance of the TV as a form factor, as discussed in MarketingCharts’ Debrief, TV in Context: Viewing Trends, Ad Spending, and Purchase Influence.

By comparison, 54% of ad views on tablets came during long-form and live content, as did just 30% of views on desktops and laptops and 25% on smartphones. FreeWheel explains the discrepancy by noting that “computers and smartphones are used to ‘snack’ on content throughout the workday while tablets and OTT devices tend to live in the home and are ‘binge viewing’ portals.”

As a result of their heavy emphasis on long-form content, OTT devices accounted for a hefty 37% share of live viewing by device in Q4, second only to desktops and laptops (50%).

By: Dr. Augustine Fou Saturday, February 28th, 2015 news

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