An IT Flaw Has Let Unauthorized Users Exploit Army PCs for Years


An IT Flaw Has Let Unauthorized Users Exploit Army PCs for Years

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed reported that a computer security flaw in has left Army computers vulnerable for at least two years; today, the Army confirmed to Buzzfeed that this was, in fact the case. And that they have no plans to do anything to fix it.


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LinkedIn Is Turning Itself Into A Very Valuable Media Company (LNKD)


jeff weiner

LinkedIn is successfully turning itself into a media company, notes Scott Devitt at Morgan Stanley.

This is fairly obvious to anyone who has been paying close attention, but it’s worth mentioning again.

LinkedIn Today started off as an aggregation of news for LinkedIn users. The content is tailored to what they enjoy. As it became more popular, LinkedIn asked people to write original content for LinkedIn. That too is proving to be successful.

Now that LinkedIn Today is an established platform, CEO Jeff Weiner revealed yesterday his plans for making money on LinkedIn’s content. He says it will be a content marketing platform. It sounds like LinkedIn will use LinkedIn Today to sell sponsored posts, doing advertising like BuzzFeed, where a marketer puts its message in the format that readers of LinkedIn Today are comfortable with.

This is the trendy ad format right now. For LinkedIn, it’s a pretty great fit. Unlike at a traditional media organization, LinkedIn’s content often involves marketing, innovation, and ideas. For big tech brands trying to connect with professionals, sponsored content will be a pretty good deal.

It’s another line of business for one of the most financially diverse tech companies in Silicon Valley.

It’s also a clever way for a social network to do advertising. Often, advertising on social networks either feels irrelevant or intrusive.

Here’s the short blurb from Devitt at Morgan Stanley on what Weiner said:


New opportunities in Marketing Solutions from original content: Jeff Weiner mentioned that Marketing Solutions was one of the opportunities he is most excited about as the company moves forward. In addition to robust opportunities in traditional B2C and B2B advertising, LinkedIn is in the early stages of establishing itself as valuable content marketing platform. Insights from thought leaders and companies sharing white papers / other valuable professional insights create incremental monetization opportunities through sponsored posts on the LinkedIn homepage.

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How Google Ruined Its First True Social Network (GOOG, FB)


Fail, Failure, Sad, Girl

Before Google launched Google+ last year, Google Reader served as the company’s true social network.

While Google Reader never grew to hundreds of millions of users, a niche group of people found the service to be a great tool to consume and share content.

“Google had fostered a social network and earned die-hard fans in the most valuable way possible — without trying,” Rob Fishman of BuzzFeed writes

Users could easily add friends, subscribe to another person’s feed of shared items, and even comment on those items.

Google Reader even helped online friends become real-life friends. As Fishman notes, one user actually became roommates with two people he met using Google Reader.

But Google eventually decided that it needed to reshape the company by challenging Facebook.

When Google launched Google+, it heavily integrated the social network into Reader. As a result of the changes, Google Reader lost its internal social features like friending, following, and sharing. Google forced users to share strictly through Google+.

“When we heard it was going away, it was like the end of the world,” Ramey Moore, a Reader user who met his wife using the service, told Fishman. “It’s like your favorite bar and your favorite restaurant and your favorite newspaper all closing on the same day.”

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Romney’s 47% Video Has Been Viewed 3 Times As Often As His Convention Speech


Here’s an amazing chart from Pew Research, which is being tweeted around by Charley Warzel of AdWeek, Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed, and others.

It shows the number of times different convention-related videos have been viewed on YouTube.

The highlights:

  • Barack Obama’s convention speech has been viewed 5 times as many times as Mitt Romney’s convention speech.
  • Mitt Romney’s “47%” video has been viewed 2 million times more than his convention speech.
  • Clint Eastwood’s convention speech has been viewed 2 million times more than Mitt Romney’s convention speech
  • Michelle Obama’s convention speech has been viewed 3-times as many times as Romney’s convention speech–and 6-times as often as Ann Romney’s

Convention Videos

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Now That High-Res Screens Make Cameraphone Shots Look Ugly, Will You Use an Actual Camera Again?John Herrman over at Buzzfeed FWD astutely points out that all of the flaws of cameraphones (noisy sensors, poor focus abilities, artifacting, etc.) are being exposed now that we have large screens (both in size and resolution to display our images on). Going forward, is this enough of a reason to make you go back to carrying a proper, standalone camera? [FWD]

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This Chart Tells You Everything You Need To Know About LeBron James


BuzzFeed just tweeted this chart comparing all NBA players based on their Player Efficiency Ratings (PER) stacked against minutes played per game.

According to Basketball Reference, “The PER sums up all a player’s positive accomplishments, subtracts the negative accomplishments, and returns a per-minute rating of a player’s performance.”

It’s basically a number that tells you how good a player is.

As you can see, LeBron James is on another planet (via BuzzFeed Sports).

LeBron James PER/MP chart

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