Intel, IDT to make resonance charging a reality, see reference chipset coming in first half of 2013


IDT to make Intel resonance charging a reality, sees reference chipset coming in early 2013

Intel has been talking up wireless charging for years, to the point where we thought its implementation would forever remain a concept for the lab. Not so: Intel is having Integrated Device Technology (IDT) build a real-world chipset to support resonance charging in our gadgets. The lofty goal is to have a ready-made platform for charging up a mobile device or peripheral just by keeping it close to another device with a charger built-in, such as an Ultrabook; there’s none of the unseemly contact plates used with inductive wireless power. Intel’s commitment is still very much early and won’t put a full, two-way resonance chipset into the hands of hardware makers until sometime during the first half of 2013, let alone into a shipping product. We’ll take it all the same, as it just might be the first step toward embracing wireless power on a truly large scale.

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Intel, IDT to make resonance charging a reality, see reference chipset coming in first half of 2013 originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 29 Aug 2012 17:41:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Brewster, The iPhone App Everyone Was Going Nuts For Yesterday, Had A Big Privacy Leak


brewster app iphone

Brewster, the new contacts management app for iPhone, had a few privacy leaks on launch day yesterday.

TechCrunch first reported that the app leaked personal contact information for Ashton Kutcher, MG Siegler, Dave Morin, and others.

We pressed Brewster for more details, but they would only give us this statement

“We take privacy extremely seriously at Brewster. When we launched yesterday, we had a tremendous number of user signups, and fixed a number of problems, including scale issues and bugs.

One unfortunate problem that arose was for Foursquare users who were fans, but not friends, of other Foursquare users. Even further, Foursquare only offers the ability to be fanned to an extremely small number of users. In this case, if we had the contact information from a full Foursquare friend, we briefly displayed their contact information to fans. This happened with one user who was fans of multiple people on Foursquare.

As soon as we heard of this issue from the user, we made sure this bug was resolved immediately, and put safeguards in place to ensure it never happens again. This is the only instance we heard of this issue.

Separately, from this bug, we have also responded to questions from users related to information that they had access to from different services. For instance, a user might have a public photo available that they haven’t seen before, or a phone number rightfully accessible if connected on Foursquare. These instances are completely consistent with the access the user gives these third-party services.

Brewster strives to be a trusted personalized address book for our users. We hope this serves as an example of how seriously we take issues of privacy, how candid we will be if issues ever arise, and that our users remain a top priority.

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This Company’s Office Is So Advanced, The Walls Talk And No One Has Regular Phones



This Series On The Future Of The Workplace Is Brought To You By Cognizant.

Wall WebEx conference

Most companies are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to workforce tech. They think letting their workers use their own iPads to send corporate e-mails is cutting edge.


Want to see what tomorrow’s “social enterprise” looks like? Take a peek at Eagle Investment Systems. They call it the “high performance workforce.”

Their use of tech is so inspired, they literally turned the walls of their building into whiteboards for web conferencing by painting them with special paint called Walltalker.

Seriously. In any room in the building you can scribble on the wall. Then you can hook up some portable Bluetooth-enabled wands and fire up a Cisco WebEx meeting and everyone can see and interact with your wall.

Boston-based Eagle sells tech software to financial firms and supports about 600 employees and contractors. About a year ago, they moved to a new headquarters and that’s when they changed their outlook about IT, explains Mike Fitzgerald, Eagle’s top IT guy.

Today, all of Eagle’s tech serves one purpose: helping employees work together no matter where they are. Here are some of the ways Eagle is doing this:

They shifted from offices to “huddle rooms.” Every 40 feet Eagle built little rooms where employees work together, he says. They never have to book a conference room through Microsoft Office. There’s always a space available with a monitor for web conferences. Employees cubicles are now tiny, 150 square feet each.

“Priorities have shifted away from employees sitting in a cube to what’s happening in the virtual world. It’s all about information flow, data, collaboration and in a dynamic, ad-hoc fashion,” Fitzgerald explains.

They killed off traditional desk phones. Employees all have tablets (iPad or Android), laptops and cell phones (iPhone or Android). They use software-phones meaning the telephone is just another application and phone numbers can become part of any app. Eagle uses Cisco’s Jabber and WebEx software to make calls, chat over IM, post status updates and do web conferencing. Employees are given portable Plantronics headsets and speakerphones.

Eagle all-but-killed-off e-mail. Fitzgerald’s team built a new portal application that lets people create projects by dragging and dropping info like contact info, data, calendars, schedules. People can use the IM/web conferencing tool, Jabber, to communicate. It now takes two days to launch a new project. It used to take up to two weeks to e-mail people, gather materials from multiple computer systems and get everyone onboard with a project schedule.

E-mail is still there, but people hardly use it. “We now have more IM sessions than we do e-mail. 7,500 IM sessions a day,” he says.

Video conferencing and collaboration is everywhere. Since it’s so easy to do, remote employees are always included, particularly through video conferencing. Meetings use Skype or WebEx whenever possible. Relationships between workers, particularly overseas employees, are much better compared to the old, e-mail days, says Fitzgerald.

Status updates are displayed on monitors throughout the building. Employees are always kept in the loop with other employees even when they are walking around the building. More than that, they can always find an expert to help as needed.

Next up, Fitzgerald envisions a day when when applications between companies are this social. For instance, as an employee travels, a calendar app can track the GPS location from phone or tablet and keep all the people on the agenda in the loop. People in the contact list can be automatically alerted if they are nearby, attending the same event. 

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Facebook loses friends in Germany over privacy breaches


Facebook 'Friend Finder' breaches privacy laws, says German judgeBefore you’ve even sipped your morning brew, a regional German court has delivered yet another stern judgement affecting a multinational organization. This time it’s Facebook back in the dock over the Friend Finder feature, which uploads a user’s contact list to Zuckerberg’s bunker without proper warning. Another offense involves the ownership of data — any original photo or music track uploaded to Facebook supposedly belongs to the company and can be used however it likes, which has now been deemed to breach data protection laws. Someone ought to add this to the Harvard Student Handbook.

Facebook loses friends in Germany over privacy breaches originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 08 Mar 2012 08:34:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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How to make a viral video – a 5-step guide

1. select a product that is a low consideration product (e.g. a song) whose primary missing link is awareness

2. create a funny and entertaining video that features that product or a key attribute of the product

3. [ contact us for the “secret sauce” of step 3 ]

4. continue to build the momentum and build further social amplification by real people (won’t happen if the content is not funny, entertaining, useful, or unexpected)

5. use analytics to determine how to further optimize the content itself to match what characteristics actually went viral (based on how people talked about it when they passed it along)

Examples of videos whose viral effects were successfully manufactured over time. Obama Girl; Lonelygirl15 Brea Olson; Notice the shape of the stats curve of the more recent lonelygirl15 video from 2008. It is much flatter, which is a characteristic of non-viral videos. This is after they revealed that the original lonelygirl15 was a fake; now they have to support the view count through traditional paid media and continuous PR to accumulate the views.




How the JKWedding Viral Video was A Manufactured Success

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