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Where Marketers Feel They’re Failing to Keep Pace


Adobe-Marketers-Perceived-Proficiency-in-Most-Important-Areas-Sept2013Few marketers deem their companies proficient in the marketing areas they feel are most important, according to a new report from Adobe, which also finds only 40% of marketers rating their company’s marketing as effective. The biggest gap between importance and proficiency was in the area of marketing measurement, which 76% of respondents rated as important to their company (top-3 box score on a 10-point scale), but at which only 29% felt their company was performing well (top-3 box score).

The next biggest gaps (42% points) were for “creativity and innovation in marketing programs” and “customer response management.” The study found 75% of the 1,017 US marketers rating each area as important, with only 33% rating their company as proficient at them. Other significant gaps between importance and proficiency emerged for content management (40% points), personalization and targeting (40% points) and cross-channel marketing (38% points). The smallest gap, of 19% points, was for events, with 58% rating them important for their company and 39% feeling their company performs well at them.

The survey finds a particular lack of confidence in digital marketing abilities, with only 48% of digital marketers (marketers with a primarily digital focus) feeling highly proficient in digital marketing. (Only 37% of marketing generalists concurred.) Indeed, 54% of respondents overall agreed that their company’s digital marketing approach is in a constant cycle of trial and error.

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Local Merchants Overwhelmed by the Array of Available Digital Marketing Channels

source: survey of local merchants around the US conducted by reveals that a plurality 40% are spending 5 or more hours a week on marketing their businesses, but that the vast majority either have a single person (51%) or no-one at all (37%) managing or supervising their digital marketing programs and initiatives. With few internal resources to draw upon, merchants indicate that the biggest challenge they face with online marketing is that there are too many channels to address, a problem cited by 24% of respondents.

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