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YouTube counts more than a billion unique users each month


YouTube counts more than a billion unique users each month

What’s ten times more popular than the Super Bowl? YouTube, apparently. According to the YouTube blog, more than a billion folks visit the streaming site every month — and not just views, but unique users. The announcement didn’t touch on specifics, but it did provide some fun numbers to put the terrifyingly huge total into context, noting that it would take ten Super Bowl audiences to match its monthly viewership. Almost half of all internet users visit YouTube each month, the team writes, and the numbers would peg the site as the third largest country in the world if traffic numbers could be given statehood. Suddenly, PSY’s billion view milestone makes a bit more sense.

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The Happiest and Saddest Places in the Country as Told by Your Tweets


The Happiest and Saddest Places in the Country as Told by Your Tweets Louisiana residents probably won’t be too pleased to hear the following news, which, for them, won’t really be a change of pace at all. According to a team at the very not-real-sounding Vermont Complex Systems Center and based on what is surely a totally objective and not-at-all arbitrary analysis of tweets, Louisiana is understandably (Katrina, blacking out the Super Bowl, being notoriously obese) the saddest state while Hawaii (sunshine, pineapple, knowing they bestowed Manti Te’o unto the world) is the happiest.

To find these purported emotional extremities of the US, the researchers analyzed each tweet for its happiness content based on the positive words, such as beauty and love, and negative words, such as boo and lied, that were used. In addition to whether or not a tweet contained “happy” or “sad” words, the extent to which a city used certain words more or less than the national average also played a role in its rating. For instance, Napa’s relatively low use of the (sad) word “bitches” directly contributed to its status as the happiest and least-derogatory-towards-women city in the country. Conversely, Beaumont’s markedly high use of the (sad) word “shit” played a role in its status as the US’s most depressing and profane place to live.

The Happiest and Saddest Places in the Country as Told by Your Tweets

Of course, this study does leave a considerable amount of room for error. It in no way takes into account the context surrounding the indicator words. For instance, a tweet declaring “Damn, look at these fine bitches” might very well be marked as sad when, in fact, it’s a joyful declaration of aesthetic appreciation. Still, the authors are able to note that their data correlates with other (still probably highly subjective) measures of happiness as conducted by Gallup.

Even if potentially woefully inaccurate, it is, nonetheless, a fun little study that, depending on your city, can either validate your current emotional state or send you into existential crisis as you question the very happiness you thought you had, everyone in Louisiana. Enjoy.

The Happiest and Saddest Places in the Country as Told by Your Tweets

[ via The Atlantic]

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Super Bowl Tech Ads: From Worst to Best


Super Bowl Tech Ads: From Worst to BestThe best part of the Super Bowl was the Beyoncé half time show. The second best part of the Super Bowl were the commercials. Here are our favorite tech ads, ranked from worst to best.

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Yes, And Now We Have Porn-vertising

An elderly couple sits on a bench overlooking a snowy park. The woman looks up at her partner, lovingly, and he returns the glance with a grin. The piano music swells, and they go back to observing the park. This is, of course, an ad for porn.

Inline image 1

The ad, submitted by popular porno purveyor PornHub to run in this year’s Super Bowl, was rejected by CBS and won’t run. Not for any xxxtreme content, obviously; it’s more that it would be an ad that directed millions and millions of happy football-viewing families to a hardcore porno site with animated bodily everythings right there on its landing page. Still, the ad is pretty damn cute and charmingly subversive. Pornhub’s got a poll up to see if users think it should air (page is SFW, URL and overall site very much not), but it’s probably gotten its money’s worth already. And given us the most adorable porn promotion ever in the process. [Pornhub via BetaBeat]




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This Blender Ad May Drive More Sales Than Every Super Bowl Commercial Running This Year


Wil it blend?Let’s begin with a little story.

A couple of years ago I was at a conference where GE and their agency, BBDO, made a presentation of their new “Imagination” campaign.

After showing some nice TV spots and explaining that they’d spent $300 million on media over the last year, they proudly declared that brand awareness had increased substantially.

This generated polite applause.

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Google Was The Most Shared Brand Of 2012


According to Unruly Media, which tracks not only what people watch but also what they share, Google was the most shared social video brand of 2012.

Thanks to campaigns like “Project Glass: One Day,” the company’s videos were shared a whopping 196.8 percent more than last year. Someone’s been doing his YouTube homework.

Five newcomers broke the top 10, including TNT, Coca-Cola, Abercrombie & Fitch, Samsung, and P&G. Volkswagen, which went viral last year with its Super Bowl sensation, “The Force,” dropped nine spots to number 10.

google most shared brand unruly

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YouTube and NBC Will Livestream the Entire Summer 2012 Olympics For FreeFor the first time ever, you’ll be able to watch every single olympic event live. NBC has teamed up with YouTube to livestream more than 3000 hours of coverage from the London 2012 Olympics for free. First the Super Bowl was streamed online and now this!

The Olympics will be streamed live on using YouTube’s infrastructure. The games won’t actually be streamed on YouTube, and given the volume of people who will be trying to watch, it’s a good thing YouTube is tackling the project.

This is a sports junky’s dream. Every four years everyone probably watches popular Olympic events like the 100-meter dash live because the networks actually broadcast them on TV. But if you wanted to catch the live cycling action down at the London velodrome, you were out of luck until now. [NBC via Time]

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Zynga Is About To Lose Its Global Director Of Brand Advertising


manny anekalManny Anekal, the global director of brand advertising at Zynga, is leaving the company to become COO of Kiip, a firm that operates a network that places branded rewards inside mobile games for advertisers, according to two sources.

Anekal’s Linkedin page currently states he has been on extended medical leave from Zynga. He is expected at Kiip next week.

Kiip has 20 employees, is based in San Francisco, and its clients include Best Buy, Disney and Sony. The company inserts branded rewards inside mobile games for advertisers. When players reach a new level, for instance, Kiip can reward them with free merchandise from advertisers.

Anekal leaves Zynga after its sales and marketing budget rose to $234 million, according to its Q4 2011 results.

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The Popularity Of Linsanity Has Surpassed Tebowmania


If you want to get a sense of how popular Jeremy Lin has become in just a few days, check out this chart that measures the popularity of search terms on the internet.

In the last few days, Lin has surpassed even Tim Tebow in terms of internet popularity. And while it is the off-season for Tebow, consider that he made all the media rounds last week at the Super Bowl. And also notice that as Lin’s popularity is growing, Tebow’s numbers also peaked momentarily. This is likely due to comparisons between the two underdog athletes

Jeremy Lin versus Tim Tebow

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Cee Lo Was More Popular Than Madonna In The Super Bowl Halftime Show


Ceelo Madonna

Think headliner Madonna was the highlight of Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show performance?

Think again.

According to ClearSpring, the most tweeted about/Facebooked/e-mailed/printed/overall social-media’s most clicked upon celeb of the night was none other than Cee Lo Green.

Cee Lo beat out not only Madonna as the most talked about on the internet during the big game, but also Kelly Clarkson, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

After taking the stage dressed as a band leader and dueting with Madonna on “Express Yourself” and the grand finale, “Like a Prayer,” Cee Lo fans freaked, causing his online presence to surge to over 2,000 percent above normal—and nearly double any other Super Bowl act.

Cee Lo couldn’t be reached for comment but we have a feeling we know what he would say to his competition and haters: “Forget You.”

Check out the chart below that proves Cee Lo’s online popularity:

Super Bowl Chart

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