E-Commerce in Q2: Tablet Traffic as Valuable as Traffic From Computers



Computers led with an AOV of $115.74, compared to $113.15 for tablet tablets and $112.73 for smartphones.

[Editor’s note: Monetate’s previous report covering Q1 had found tablets converting at a higher rate than computers, while data from this latest report indicates that the opposite was true for Q1. The discrepancy owes to a different random sample of clients being used for each quarterly report.]

Among tablets, the iPad continued to boast the highest conversion rate (2.6%) during the second quarter, with Android (2%) also out ahead of the Kindle Fire (1.6%). The iPad also sported the highest average order value ($114.18), outpacing Android ($101.22) and Kindle Fire ($91.84).

The iPhone re-assumed the lead in conversion rates among smartphones, just exceeding 1%, and putting some distance between itself and Android (0.88%) and Windows (0.77%) phones. i! Phone tra! ffic also ended up with the highest average order value, of $114.45, followed closely by Windows ($112.36) and Android ($109.52).

All told, smartphones (9.7%) and tablets (12.4%) together accounted for more than 1 in 5 e-commerce visits during Q2, up from about 15% a year earlier. In the past year, tablets have overtaken smartphones in terms of e-commerce traffic share, with the gap between the devices steadily increasing.

The iPad continues to dominate tablet e-commerce traffic to the tune of 90.6% share, while the iPhone also retains its lead (62.7% share) of smartphone visits.

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Global Marketers Say Lead Gen A Bigger Social Ad Objective Than Branding



The results mark somewhat of a departure from recent studies which have suggested more of a branding focus from social media ad buys (see here and here).

Lead generation is also the primary objective for a plurality (37%) of in-house marketers engaged in online display advertising, although direct online sales (26%) is their second-biggest objective. When it comes to paid search, direct online sales (40%) counts as the primary objective, followed closely by lead gen (38%).

The bulk of social advertising dollars are being spent on Facebook, per the report. Client-side respondents indicate that they’re allocating 41% of their social ad budgets to the platform, compared to 18% for LinkedIn, 17% for Twitter, and 24% to other networks. Agency respondents estimate that an even greater 53% of their clients’ social ad budgets are being directed to Facebook.

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NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email


NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email

Roaming confusion has already caused the NSA to “accidentally” listen in on domestic calls, but according to a report from Spiegel, the organization is capable of a lot more. The German news magazine says it has seen evidence that the NSA can tap smartphones for SMS traffic, location data, contact list information and more. The claims, reportedly outlined in internal NSA documents, specifically call out iOS and BlackBerry devices as targets, describing the ability to access iPhone data by hacking a recently synced PC. BlackBerry access seems a bit more direct, Spiegel reports, suggesting that the NSA can tap into the BlackBerry email system. BlackBerry officials told Spiegel it wouldn’t comment on the allegations, but assured the news source that it hasn’t provided the NSA with a “‘back door’ pipeline to our platform.” Regardless, it’s a haunting claim — particularly for folks that use BlackBerry devices for their heavily touted security, but considering everything the NSA has been up to recently, we can’t say we’re entirely surprised.


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Tor Project Reflects Increasing Awareness and Need for Privacy

Tor Project search volume and also site traffic – indicates public demand for privacy





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drag2share: Privacy Concerns Drive Usage of DuckDuckGo Search Engine


Although originally thought to be temporary jump in traffic due to the large amount of attention the search engine was getting from various news outlets, DuckDuckGo has proved in July that their traffic gains were not a one month outlier and that many are now using this as their search engine of choice. This is further enforced, and perhaps a nod to their transparency, by a page on their site that shows the amount of search queries per day.

Unique Visitors DuckDuckGo

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Verizon smartphone revenue up in Q2 2013, half of all 7.5 million activations were iPhones (updated)



Verizon’s latest quarterly report reveals a carrier chugging along nicely, thank you very much. Total revenue (including wireless and wireline) is up slightly to $29.8 billion, while wireless service revenue on its own grew by 8.3 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Nearly a million (941,000) new retail postpaid customers joined the VZW brigade, some of whom may have been drawn to the carrier’s expanding LTE service, which is now available to 301 million Americans, as well as to new handsets like the Nokia Lumia 928 and possibly even the BlackBerry Q10 (or maybe not). In any case, those high-margin subscribers helped to increase profit by 14 percent — so long as you’re the kind of person who’s content to be guided by “non-GAAP consolidated adjusted earnings per share.” There’s also no sign of the pension-related issues that affected the company last quarter, which leaves this carrier high and dry, regardless of how smartphone saturation may be affecting others along the food chain.

Update: In its earnings call, Verizon added that 59 percent of traffic on its network is on 4G LTE, and 52 percent of its smartphone activations (around 3.8 million device activations) were iPhones.

Source: Verizon (PDF download)

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drag2share: Mobile Commerce Had A Huge First Quarter


U.S. Mobile Commerce Was $5.9 Billion In The First Quarter (comScore)
That translates to 11% of all retail U.S. ecommerce in the quarter, up from 8% a year prior. Mobile accounted for 48% of traffic on U.S. retail properties, and the top 50 properties extended their desktop audience by an average of 45% through mobile channels. Overall, mobile accounted for 48% of Americans’ time spent online in March. The report also found that the average smartphone shopper spent more over the course of the quarter than the average tablet shopperRead >

Screen Shot 2013 06 11 at 4.53.04 PM

Screen Shot 2013 06 11 at 4.53.43 PM


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drag2share: Pinterest Refers More Dollars Per Order To eCommerce Sites Than Any Other Social Media


Pinterest Order SizePinterest Refers More Dollars Per Order To eCommerce Sites Than Any Other Social Media (Monetate)
Social media accounts for a dismal .71% of conversions on eCommerce websites. The verdict is still out on whether consumers will ever become big buyers on social media. However, there is one outlier in this new market. Pinterest sent more traffic to eCommerce websites in the first quarter of 2013 than it did in the retail-heavy fourth quarter. Moreover, Pinterest users referred to a shopping website spend $80.54 on average per order — the most of any social network

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Optimization Seen As Needed But No Additional Budget Allocated


Optimization Activities Not Getting Any More of the Marketing Budget This Year

May 2, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

Adobe-Share-Marketing-Budgets-Optimization-May2013Not only is optimization not getting a bigger slice of the marketing budget pie this year, it may actually be getting a slightly smaller share, per results [download page] from the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey. This year, 53% of the digital marketers surveyed from around the world said they devote less than 5% of their total marketing budget to optimization activities (including agency fees, professional services, and technology), up from 48% last year. Only 6% of respondents are allocating more than one-quarter of their budgets to these activities, relatively unchanged from last year’s 7%.


Digital Marketers Leave Optimization Opportunities Unexplored

June 4, 2012 by MarketingCharts staff

adobe-optimization-budgets-june2012.jpgDigital marketers are not taking full advantage of the conversion opportunities presented by data-driven optimization, finds an Adobe survey released in May 2012. Indeed, despite spending high amounts of money and energy acquiring traffic, marketers are not following through by devoting significant funds to optimization strategies that can increase their returns. In fact, 81% of the more than 1,700 digital marketers surveyed reported spending 15% or less of their marketing budgets on optimization activities. And beyond this lack of investment, many are also not exploiting critical opportunities: 53% are not optimizing the relevance of their on-site search results, and 52% say that testing consumer engagement is not a priority at their organization.


Marketers Tab Mobile Optimization the Year’s Most Exciting Digital Opportunity

January 11, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

Econsultancy-Digital-Marketers-Exciting-Opportunities-for-2013-Jan2013Presented with a list of digital-related opportunities and asked to name the three most exciting for their organizations this year, 43% of digital marketers pointed to mobile optimization, according to[download page] a new Econsultancy study produced in association with Adobe. Mobile optimization – which the report refers to in part as the need to make every digital experience work well on any device in any location – took top honors from last year’s leader, social media engagement, which tumbled from 54% to 35% of respondents.

Content Marketing Top Priority for Digital Marketers This Year

January 10, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

Econsultancy-Digital-Marketers-Top-Priorities-for-2013-Jan2013Content marketing has beengetting more attention of late, and new survey results[download page] from Econsultancy confirm that this area is top of mind for digital marketers this year. When asked which 3 digital-related areas are the leading priorities for their organization in 2013, 39% of in-house digital marketers surveyed tabbed content marketing, up from 29% last year. Tied with content marketing at the top of the list was conversion rate optimization (up from 34% last year), slightly ahead of last year’s leader, social media engagement (38%).

Targeting and personalization, a new option in this year’s survey, also is a focus for digital marketers, with 37% citing it as top-3 priority. Some areas taking a step back from last year include content optimization (31%, down from 39%), brand building/viral marketing (26%, from 32%), video marketing (9%, from 21%), and social media analytics (9%, from 19%). Connected TV, also a new option this year, failed to garner a vote.

Companies See Room For Improvement In Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

November 2, 2012 by MarketingCharts staff

Most companies are employing a variety of conversion optimization best practices but are dissatisfied with their proficiency in them, finds an[download page] October 2012 report from Econsultancy and RedEye. Asked to identify which best practices they carry out from a list provided, at least 6 in 10 have an approach for each, but most of those believe they can improve on their approach.

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drag2share: JCPenney Is Raising Prices So That It Can Mark Them Down (JCP)


JCPenney Is Raising Prices So That It Can Mark Them Down (JCP)

Mar 27, 2013

JCPenney clearance rack

JCPenney is raising its prices in order to mark them down again, James Covert at The New York Post reported.

CEO Ron Johnson is trying to restore traditional sales at the struggling department store chain. Last year, he vowed to wean customers off coupons, but the strategy failed and traffic plunged, leading to painfully low sales numbers.

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