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drag2share: Wall Street Is Punishing Adtech Players For Failing To Make Money (MM, VELT, MRIN, AUGT, TRMR)

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/yoh3hV52jkk/wall-street-is-punishing-adtech-players-for-failing-to-make-money-2013-7

If you’re looking for signs of the adtech bubble popping, then Ad Age may have found a couple for you. Three high-profile adtech companies went public in the last year and a half — Mobile ad network Millennial Media, online-ad provider Marin Software and video-ad server Tremor Video — and all have seen their stocks largely rejected by investors, even while the broader market rises.

Here’s a summary of public adtech stocks, based on their IPOs (or historic highs) and their current prices:

  • Marin Software: Debuted at $16.26, now languishes at $12.
  • Millennial Media: Debuted at $23.50, now at $9.67
  • Tremor Video: Debuted at $8.50, now at $8.36
  • Velti: Debuted at $15.58, now at $1.13
  • Augme Technologies: Hit $4.90 in 2003, now at 36 cents.

You could add Groupon into the mix too. It debuted at $26.90, and is now worth only $8.90.

All these companies are chronically unprofitable. The Velti situation is most worrying — its revenues are down too and the company is in turnaround mode.

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drag2share: REPORT: Apple Has A Plan To Let Viewers Skip Ads Altogether And Pay Media Companies For The Lost Views (AAPL)

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/McPys-RY-oc/apple-has-a-plan-to-let-views-skip-ads-altogether-and-pay-media-companies-for-the-lost-views-2013-7

Apple TV

Apple is pitching media companies on a plan to allow viewers to skip advertisements while watching TV as part of its plan for an Apple TV, Jessica Lessin reports.

The ad-skipping technology from Apple would be part of a premium package for users.

To offset the lost viewership, Apple would compensate media companies for the skipped ads, says Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who is starting her own tech news site.

This seems like an audacious idea from Apple. eMarketer projects U.S. TV ad spending will be $66.35 billion this year. If Apple were to compensate for lost ad revenue, it could get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

Apple has been exploring the TV market for years now. It has reportedly been developing a full-blown television set, but nothing has happened yet. Lessin suggests Apple is more focused on making something happen in the TV market.

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Yahoo Is In Talks To Buy A Big Stake In Video Site Dailymotion (YHOO)

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/yahoo-is-in-talks-to-buy-a-big-stake-in-video-site-dailymotion-2013-3

marissa mayer makers interview

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer could be on the cusp of her first big acquisition-like move.

The Wall Street Journal reports Yahoo is in talks to buy 75 percent of Dailymotion, a YouTube-esque video service that’s popular in Europe.

Dailymotion is owned by a French Telecom. It’s sort of a mess of different videos. Some are user generated, some are professional.

Yahoo would buy the stake at $300 million valuation with an option to buy the remaining 25 percent later, says the Journal.

Yahoo’s HR leader Jackie Rees told employees recently Yahoo was working on two large acquisitions. A lot of names have been floated around since then.

We’re not sure how Dailymotion fits Mayer’s vision for Yahoo. It’s never struck us as a great technology or media property. And, it’s not a big mobile property as far as we can tell.

However, the Journal says it had 116 million unique visitors in January, making it the twelfth biggest site in the world. It’s also popular outside of the U.S., which could be valuable to Yahoo since it’s largely a U.S. based business.

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People Now Think Amazon Is Better Than Apple

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/people-now-think-amazon-is-better-than-apple-2013-2

Harris Interactive released its 14th annual poll. It asked 14,000 people what they think of the top 60 corporations in America.

Last year, Apple had the best reputation ranking. This year, it fell Amazon.

Harris Interactive asked about six different things to determine each company’s reputation: social responsibility, emotional appeal, financial performance, products and services, vision and leadership, and workplace environment.

Although Apple was named the top corporation in terms of financial performance and vision and leadership, it wasn’t enough to beat out Amazon overall.

Here’s how the results turned out:

harris poll 2013

harris poll 2013

If you followed Apple’s and Amazon’s latest earnings calls, the results of this survey may seem puzzling. Amazon missed while Apple meet Wall Street’s expectations. Amazon’s pile of cash is minuscule compared to Apple’s. Yet Amazon’s stock has been soaring while Apple’s is tanking.

What’s going on, and is the public mad?

Here’s a possible explanation at length.

In short, some feel Apple’s best days, with rapid revenue growth and sky-high margins, are behind it. Meanwhile, Amazon leads a hot e-commerce sector which has a huge barrier to entry. And while Amazon’s profit margin is low, it seems to be increasing.

That said, t! he norma l, non-investors who made up the bulk of this survey probably don’t care what Wall Street analysts think or how much cash Apple has in the bank. Their preference for Amazon over Apple may be more superficial.

“Our results show that Amazon has managed to build an intimate relationship with the public without being perceived as intrusive,” Robert Fronk, Harris Interactive’s EVP of Reputation Management, says. “And as the company that is so widely known for its personal recommendations, more than nine in ten members of the public would recommend Amazon to friends and family.”

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Ubuntu smartphones set for October launch in two markets

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/02/06/ubuntu-smartphones-october-launch/

Ubuntu smartphones set for October launch in two markets

Sure, Ubuntu for smartphones is slated to appear as a downloadable image for the Galaxy Nexus late this month, but you’ll have to wait until fall to get your hands on honest-to-goodness Ubuntu phone hardware. According to the Wall Street Journal, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu handsets will hit two “large geographic markets” in October, and that the open source OS has struck the fancy of carriers, to boot. However, Shuttleworth remained coy regarding which regions will see the devices launch in October and which manufacturers will be serving up hardware.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Facebook Mobile Users Surpass Desktop Users For The First Time (FB)

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-mobile-bigger-than-desktop-2013-1

facebook ios iphone

Facebook’s earnings are out. The company beat Wall Street’s profit and revenue expectations.

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It’s Time To Admit That Hulu Is A Failure (DIS, NWS)

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/its-time-to-admit-that-hulu-is-a-failure-2012-12

Jason Kilar

This morning, a Wall Street Journal story by

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Jury finds Apple did not infringe on Samsung’s patents, awards no damages

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/24/jury-finds-apple-didnt-infringe-on-samsung-patents-awards-no-d/

Jury finds Apple did not infringe on Samsung's patents, awards no damages

The jury in Apple v. Samsung dealt a big blow to Samsung by finding that it did infringe on some of the Apple patents at the center of the case, and it didn’t have any better news for the company when it came to Samsung’s own claims that Apple infringed on some of its patents as well. The jury found that Apple did not infringe on those in all five cases (the so-called utility patents), although it did rule that the patents were valid. That also, of course, means no damages awarded to Samsung.

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