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NEW YORK - January 26, 1998. - go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. today announced a series of high-profile executive conferences bringing together chief executives from top new media firms around the world and key decisionmakers from the investment community, major corporations, and government bodies. The unique format of small executive roundtable sessions allow participants to focus on the business and management issues of new media by sharing ideas, creating new knowledge, and generating new business. These peer-to-peer, collaborative working sessions are not open to the public and executives participate by invitation only.

"In our competitive business environment, it is rare to find a setting where executives can truly collaborate with peers to discover new ways of working together, achieving synergies and creating new opportunities that could not even exist before. These intimate, high-value conferences are sorely needed in a landscape filled with mammoth trade shows which deliver little value for the participants' investment of time and money," says Dr. Augustine Fou, president and CEO of go-Digital.

The precedent for the 1998 events was set by the Summit on E-commerce which go-Digital produced in collaboration with the Canadian Consulate on December 8-10, 1997, in New York City. The event brought together more than 40 top new media companies from North America, along with major corporations, to focus on how e-commerce impacted and will impact the retail, publishing, education, and entertainment industries.

"The wealth and depth of the knowledge of the participants resulted in discussions that were immediately productive and focused on the most important issues. Interacting with such a high-caliber of industry peers was both enjoyable and informative, but more significantly, a very important and much-needed dialogue has been initiated," said Jeff Anderson, vice president of marketing for Dallas-based c2o Interactive Architects, and EDS business.

Dale Jefferies, Marketing Manager of Canadian-based Netaxis said, "[The Summit was] a forum of passionate dialogue on the status and future of the new media industry."

The following go-Digital executive conferences are slated for 1998:

April 8-9, 1998. The International Business of New Media: Highlight Quebec

April 27-29, 1998. Summit on Services: Financial, Legal, Insurance

May 14, 1998. Summit on Telecommunications

June 29-30, 1998. Summit on Healthcare

September 14-16, 1998. Summit on Global Impact: Business, Social, Cultural

October 26-27, 1998. The International Business of New Media: Highlight Scandinavia

November 9-10, 1998. The Internet Future: An Executive Conference

December 7-8, 1998. The International Business of New Media: Highlight Israel

"By bringing together the pioneers, veterans, entrepreneurs, and knowledge leaders of the new media industry, along with key decisionmakers from other industries, these executive conferences will be the fertile ground where participants will create the future of the new media industry and significantly impact the future of other industries," added Dr. Fou.

New York-based go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. is a management consulting firm specializing in Internet strategy and implementation management. go-Digital works with clients to develop solutions that integrate business strategy, technology strategy, design, and marketing to create real value using the Internet medium. As a pure management consulting firm, go-Digital serves as knowledge leader for clients and takes an objective stance in identifying resources for the implementation and evolution of the client's online offering, using best-of-breed partner companies from the go-Digital Confederation. More information about go-Digital and the executive conferences can be found on go-Digital's website at <>.

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