Scandinavian Government Representatives: Swedish Consulate, Invest in Sweden Agency, Danish Consulate, Finnish Trade Council, Norwegian Chanber of Commerce
The International Business of New Media: Highlight Scandinavia (February 1999)

Citibank and The Law Offices of Duane, Morris & Heckscher

Co-produced the Summit on Telecommunications, which brought together top executives from the telecom, new media, and legal industries to discuss the future of the telecommunications industry, given the trends in technology and global legal landscape.

IBM, Very Small Business Division - White Plains


Government of Quebec

go-Digital worked with the Quebec Government to produce an international executive conference that brings together leaders of top Quebec and U.S. multimedia and new media firms, along with key decision-makers from major investment, advertising, publishing, media, and entertainment companies.

AT&T Middle Markets, Manhattan Branch


Victoria's Secret Catalogue, Inc. - New York


Canadian Consulate General - New York

go-Digital co-produced the December Summit on E-commerce, which brought together executives from top U.S. and Canadian new media to discuss the impact of e-commerce on retail, publishing, entertainment, and education. go-Digital will continue this collaboration in 1998 with 3 additional Summits (see Events page).

Government of Macau, Special Task Force

go-Digital advised a special task force of the Macau government on technology and policy issues related to off-shore Internet gambling. Issues dealt with online payment security, authenticity and verity of online games, international currency and tax policies, and many others.

SeniorNet International

go-Digital provided strategic and technical consulting to this illustrious non-profit organization whose mission it is to educate, inspire, and support seniors in every community to use and benefit from new technologies such as the Internet. The website, which now serves their global online community receives over 1 million page views per month.

Catholic Diocese of Dallas

go-Digital consulted for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas on the process of "wiring" parishes and schools to give them access to the Internet and open standards e-mail, including an ambitious plan to create an active online community that facilitates business processes around the geographically and culturally diverse parishes.

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