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      go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. is a management consulting firm, founded by Dr. Augustine Fou in 1996, specializing in Internet strategy consulting, digital marketing solutions, and implementation management. go-Digital works with clients to develop solutions that integrate business strategy, technology strategy, design, and marketing to create real value using the Internet medium. As a pure consulting firm, go-Digital serves as knowledge leader for clients and takes an objective stance in identifying optimal resources for the implementation and evolution of client's online offering, leveraging the best-of-breed partner companies in the go-Digital Confederation. We help clients achieve online offerings that enable, empower, educate, and inspire.

... helping our clients go-digital ...


Our creative talent inspires designs that transform websites into vibrant forums of interaction, exchange, and commerce ...


The spectrum and depth of our technical skills enable us to execute client projects with unmatched speed and efficiency ...


Our collective experience across industries and in-depth functional expertise makes us uniquely qualified to guide and advise the client ...

Quebec Summit, April 15-16, 1998.

VISION - Executive Briefs

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The Need for Speed -- MediaPost September 22, 2008.

SEO Can't Exist in a Vacuum -- HowToSplitanAtom October 8, 2008.

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"Contextual Commerce(tm)"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This article is posits a contrarian view that the consumer space is the next target market and that the advertising revenue model is fundamentally flawed in the Internet space. A new term is coined, contextual commerce(tm), to capture how the Internet can be used most efficiently to deliver content that provides the context for commerce.

"Total Convergence"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This article is meant to stimulate discussions about how the Internet has initiated, enables, and necessitates the convergence of media types, revenue models, and technologies. It gives a perspective about how the evolving needs and sophistication of individual consumers of information drive this convergence.

"Globally Local Advertising"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This short article is based on the comments and insights of advertising luminaries who debate the merits of global versus local campaigns, offer case studies of how a brand's essence should remain the same while local implementations vary, and address how the Internet affects world advertising. Special thanks to the Center for Communications for organizing the Fall 1997 series of 20 seminars.

"Case Study:"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This is a short case study which emphasizes why "it's not just about putting up a website any more." Careful thought and business strategy must precede design and development efforts. Areas to be addressed include technology, design, value creation, integrated media, and business model. Three examples from this fictional website are used to illustrate the points.

"New Media Brands and Branding"

by: Robert Ponce', CEO of I-Contact Media, Inc. and Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This article compares online branding with traditional branding strategies. By reviewing the online efforts of real-world brands and online-native brands, winning characteristics are described.

"The Entrepreneurial Bug"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This is a short article written for the quarterly newsletter of Asian Women in Business. It draws from the experiences of Dr. Augustine Fou in starting go-Digital.

"Marketing in the Internet Medium"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This article cites many examples of how companies, large and small, have charged onto the Internet to market and advertise their products and services. At this stage in the evolution of the Internet some companies have found ways to benefit from using this new medium.

"Refuse to Accept the Advertising Revenue Model"

by: Dr. Augustine Fou, go-Digital
This is a controversial position article on the topic of the advertising revenue model. At a time when everyone was willingly or unwilling submitting to this revenue model, this article argues the case about using this new medium for its unique qualities, rather than to duplicate what existing media can do. It is a medium which enables one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one interactions. It is potentially the most powerful medium known to man.

recent press releases

May 15, 1998. Internet Technologies, International Legal Landscape, and Investments Shape the Telecommunications Industry Future

April 17, 1998. U.S. Companies Warm to New Partnership and Investment Opportunities in New Media and Information Technology in Quebec, "Silicon Alley North."

March 26, 1998. Quebec Multimedia and New Media Firms Offer Latest Technologies,New Business Opportunities to U.S. Companies.

January 26, 1998. go-Digital Internet Consulting Group to produce much needed international executive conferences to discuss the business of new media.

December 10, 1997. Top U.S. and Canadian new media firms , major corporations gather to create new knowledge and shape the future of e-commerce.

October 20, 1997. Steven LaBarge joins go-Digital as Chief Operating Officer from his post as VP of Operations of Hachette Filipacchi New Media.

October 10, 1997. McGraw-Hill, the Canadian Consulate, and the MIT Club of NY pledge to co-sponsor the extremely popular go-Digital seminar series called the e-dinner (Entrepreneur's Dinner).

October 6, 1997. AT&T brings go-Digital in-house to provide complete Internet strategy consulting and website development services to customers.

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